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Corporate bulletins
Monthly: For Chief information officers and chief clinical information officers across health and care. 
General practice
Monthly: For GPs, practice managers and reception staff. 
Bi-monthly: For ICT suppliers, developers, commercial customers and trade bodies. 
Bi-monthly: For community pharmacies, dispensing appliance contractors and dispensing doctors. 
Quarterly: For anyone interested in health and care data. 

Specialist bulletins
Adult Social Care National Data Collections
Monthly: For those who submit or receive adult social care data. More... 
Child Protection - Information Sharing
Quarterly: For those implementing Child Protection - Information Sharing. More... 
Clinical Audits and Registries Management Service
Quarterly: Information on clinical audits and data registries. More... 
Information Governance Alliance News
Information Sharing updates from the Information Governance Alliance. More... 
National Casemix Office
Updates on classifications to describe healthcare activity. More... 
NHS Data Model and Dictionary
Information from the NHS Data Model and Dictionary Service. More... 
NHS e-Referral Service
Updates for NHS referrers and providers. More... 
Organisation Data Service (ODS)
Quarterly: For customers who use ODS codes that identify organisations and individuals. More... 
Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI)
Information about information standards, data collections and extractions. More... 
Terminology and Classifications Newsletter
Updates on releases and other news about terminology and classifications. More...